APO Art and Music Performance, artist Amy Baumann, photographed by Irene Fertik

The Albuquerque Philharmonic Orchestra is a community orchestra in which experienced musicians may:

  1. Study and enjoy the classical symphonic repertoire;
  2. Provide opportunities for soloists and composers to share their talents;
  3. Share their enthusiasm and skills to educate youth in the classical music tradition; and
  4. Present concerts for an audience that represents a large, diverse population, all without cost to the community.

For over 40 years, the Albuquerque Philharmonic Orchestra has been a great community asset by providing a place for accomplished amateur musicians to play and by offering free classical music concerts to the community. It is a tradition with our orchestra to perform, whenever possible, with local professional musicians and other local musical groups. This year is no exception as we are very fortunate to be able to play with several outstanding guest musicians. We expect this season to be better than ever! If you are a musician who enjoys our concerts and would like to play with us, contact our personnel manager, Susan Brake, at personnel@nmapo.org (preferred) or 505-379-9692 for information regarding available positions. Our non-profit organization is funded by contributions from orchestra members and the general public. Your support is appreciated as we incur significant expenses renting concert halls, purchasing and renting music, and producing our programs. You can contact the APO via phone at: (505) 433-PHIL (433-7445), or email the appropriate APO Board Member listed on our contact page.

(Photograph of APO taken by Irene Fertik.  Artwork shown in photo by Amy Baumann.)

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